What products can I use with my Rx serum-moisturizer?

Your rx serum-moisturizer will become the core foundation of your regimen. It contains the most important active ingredients you need at that time for healthier, more beautiful skin. So, you may choose to add it to your current regimen or you can simplify your regimen to a cleanser, sunscreen, your rx serum-moisturizer and possibly a daytime moisturizer. During your consultation we will evaluate your current products and tell you if anything is counter-productive or harmful. For example, if you are prescribed tretinoin (the active ingredient of RetinA), we’ll recommend that you come off of any exfoliants. We always ask that you consult with your primary provider or other specialists before discontinuing medications they have prescribed.

Can I receive cosmetic treatment while using Veda Grace’s Rx Skincare?

Yes. Cosmetic treatments may even enhance your results. However, it is very important that your Rx skincare and microtreatments are coordinated, so you can stop and restart your Rx skincare around particular treatments. Our approach is very well established for our combined Rx Skincare and Microtreatment clients. We automatically substitute in your pre- and post-procedure products. Any service provider you use should have a plan. If they want help putting together a program, they are more than welcome to email us at info@myvedagrace.com.