How is my serum-moisturizer made?

After your formulation is prescribed, it is sent to a licensed doctor of pharmacy who reviews the ingredients and confirms that there are not any cross-allergies or interactions. Your serum-moisturizer is then made to order in a US FDA 503(b) certified pharmacy. Your active ingredients are mixed with your moisturizer. We do not need to add any preservatives because you are going to use it within a few weeks. Just like fresh produce, your product expires and we will tell you this date. When complete, your formula will go into a luxurious, medical-grade bottle with an antioxidant preserving chamber before being shipped to your door. The result is completely personalized skincare that delivers real, visible results.

My formulation includes different ingredients than my doctor recommended.

It is very rare for our pharmacy or doctor to change your ingredients. Please note that the pharmacy label on your bottle will only list only prescription ingredients. Non-prescription ingredients are not listed. If the pharmacy identifies a cross-allergy you may have they may substitute or omit ingredients. Please message the clinic from your account if you have any questions.

How do I use my serum-moisturizer?

You serum-moisturizer should be applied after any cleansing and toning and before you apply any other products. For added moisturization, you may apply additional moisturizer over your serum-moisturizer.

Apply 2-3 pumps on to fingertips. Lightly tap the product around your face and under-jaw. Once distributed, use your fingers to rub the serum-moisturizer into your skin. Avoid using your full hand so you don’t waste product on your hands.

If your physician provided you with different instructions, please ignore these general instructions and follow the instruction they provided specifically for you.